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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A mild night was too tempting.

After a run of several mild nights, and 100% cloud cover shielding the almost full moon, I was tempted out to spend an hour or so with the 160MVB over a sheet at Pilmoor.  So while not expecting very much, the odd moths fluttered to the light between 1805 and 1900, but no more thereafter, so gave up gracefully.

The total catch was four Tortricodes alternella, a Winter Moth, Spring Usher and two Chestnut.  To start the year off with a photo of possibly the least inspiring geometrid moths, especially as it is one from the dark end of the spectrum.....
Spring Usher, Pilmoor wood, 10 Jan 2012
As a brief footnote, Charlie has since mentioned that this is the 4th earliest Yorkshire record, and two others were this winter too.

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