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Sunday, 9 October 2011

A funny old day.....

Up early to watch the rugby, and then a drive down to Elvington airfield just south-east of York, to attend the AGM of the Yorkshire branch of Butterfly Conservation.  The pleasant cross-country route, took in a Red Kite lumbering across the road near Ouseburn.  On entering the meeting room in one of the wartime nissen huts at Elvington, I was greeted rather loudly by Charlie Fletcher, the County recorder, saying that he was pleased to see me tickling genitalia these days…I am sure there was a pause in the hubbub of conversation in the room…..

After a number of interesting presentations later, there was the photographic competition, roughly 100 photos, most were extremely good, and I was very chuffed to be called out and pick up a bottle of wine for third place.  This was swiftly followed by one of my tickets coming up in the raffle and winning a tin of Quality Street for the kids.
Swallowtail, Corfu 2011

There was another meeting at the airfield, this one was an MG Owners club rally.  Great to see a handful of Midgets, MGB's and GT's, and some of the awful pretend newer MG's.  One thing that was missing was the MGBGT V8, probably the best car I have ever owned, and the only car I actually sold for a profit.  There was an ordinary GT there which was the same pale lemon yellow colour as my old car, recalling the colour of a Teddy Boys sock.  At one time, I owned the V8 and a Midget, and my Brother-in-law had a Midget,and when visited by Pog when he had his red MGB,we had a rally of our own outside my parents house.

The drive home was accompanied on the Radio with the Radio 2 highlight of the week, Johnnie Walker’s Sounds of the 70’s, and even better heavily featured Pink Floyd.  Brilliant.

A late afternoon request to sort the horse out, which usually means it’s hissing down, I actually managed to get to the yard, walk out and fed the boy, change his rug, and get back to the stable within an almost biblical parting of the stratocumulus, and managed to avoid the rain….Things may actually be looking up!

My other entries were as follows:
Eastern Bath White, Turkey 2009
Clouded Border, North Yorkshire 2011
Hungarian Glider,Hungary 2008

Wood White, Hungary 2008

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