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Friday, 20 May 2011

A gem of a place

Just 5 miles or so south-east of Boroughbridge is a small wet carr nature reserve, at Upper Dunsforth.  It is a small oasis of scarce damp habitat surrounded by improved (?!) grassland, and monocultural crop fields.  It consists of several rough meadows with juncus and rough herbage, and a boardwalk through some damp woodland and a small amount of reeds and phragmites.
On the odd occasion that the sun peeked through the clouds, a few butterflies braved the cool breeze, and a small number of daytime moths were flushed from the grass.
Small Copper
The highlight was a Small Yellow Underwing, a daytime moth of damp heath, and of the butterflies the bright and beautiful Small Copper.

Adela reaumurella, eight Crambus lathoniellus, an Orange-tip, three Small Copper, a Common Blue, two Red Admiral, two Peacock, a Silver-ground Carpet, five Common Carpet, a Silver-ground Carpet and a Small Yellow Underwing.

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