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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Got there in the end...

Several hours at Pilmoor wood, and the first of the years biting midges reminded me why I don't enjoy Pilmoor in early summer.....  A modest catch with a few new for the year, but the main point of interest was a dark poorly marked carpet that had me wondering all day.  I then stumbled across it on UK Moths in a moment of idle browsing, and it turned out to be of the dark form of Water Carpet Lampropteryx suffumata f. piceata.
Dark form of Water Carpet

A quick summary of catch at Pilmoor wood 29 apr 2011

0006  Eriocrania subpurpurella  1
0670  Depressaria daucella  1
0986  Syndemis musculana  1
1645  Scalloped Hook-tip (Falcaria lacertinaria)  1
1646  Oak Hook-tip (Watsonalla binaria)  2
1725  Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet (Xanthorhoe ferrugata)  1
1750  Water Carpet (Lampropteryx suffumata)  1
1759  Small Phoenix (Ecliptopera silaceata)  3
1852  Brindled Pug (Eupithecia abbreviata)  4
1881  Early Tooth-striped (Trichopteryx carpinata)  4
1887  Clouded Border (Lomaspilis marginata)  1
1919  Purple Thorn (Selenia tetralunaria)  2
1920  Scalloped Hazel (Odontopera bidentata)  1
1936  Waved Umber (Menophra abruptaria)  1
1947  Engrailed (Ectropis bistortata)  5
1951  Grey Birch (Aethalura punctulata)  2
2000  Iron Prominent (Notodonta dromedarius)  1
2003  Pebble Prominent (Notodonta ziczac)  5
2006  Lesser Swallow Prominent (Pheosia gnoma)  17
2078  Least Black Arches (Nola confusalis)  1
2158  Pale-shouldered Brocade (Lacanobia thalassina)  1
2187  Common Quaker (Orthosia cerasi)  1
2188  Clouded Drab (Orthosia incerta)  6
Pale Shouldered Brocade
Scalloped Hook-tip
Syndemis musculana

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