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Sunday, 18 July 2010

A chance to catch up

Having spent the last two and a half weeks recovering from an Op and not been able to get about at all, I have taken the opportunity to sort out all my digital photos, and put them into a sensible file system.  This has been very theraputic, ambling through many memories, and the satisfaction of imposing order on a chaotic mass.
Although all the moth files are now labelled properly, there is now plenty of scope to identify some of the many record shots, and add records as I go along.  Just a cursory glance at an old Dorset file gave me a new species, one that I just had not recognised before.  Now that they are all sorted, I can see some winter evenings work going through the individual photos, while dreaming of catching some of the summer hauls....


  1. If only you could find an old photo of an Ortolan.....

  2. I'm glad you have survived the health service - I know the feeling of not getting out !